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Can You Afford Car Door Dings and Dents?

Parking your vehicle can be stressful. The thought of leaving your hard earned investment unattended in a parking lot full of (oftentimes inconsiderate) strangers can wear on one's mind.

From dents and dings, to scuffs and scratches, any kind of vehicle damage will cost you both time and money. Look at it from this perspective: the cost to repair a minor dent or ding (where no paint chips or body lines are involved) will typically cost around $200 to repair. Now, add in a paint chip or scratch, a major body line, custom matched paint, and the downtime you will undoubtedly suffer due to a personal lack of transportation, and then you will see the costs easily exceed $1000.

Additionally, by not tending to an existing dent, ding, chip, or scratch, you run the risk of depreciating the vehicle's value when it comes time to sell. No matter how minor any damage is, dents and scratches will undoubtedly be brought up during negotiations.



For those who lease, these costs still apply. Every dent, ding, or scratch will cost you when the lease is up and it comes time to trade-in. Dealerships estimate repair costs based on their own rates and in the end these costs are factored against you.

A pair of DoorDefender® units together costs significantly less than fixing even one minor dent. It is portable, takes only seconds to install, and will protect your vehicle's doors (and other body panels and bumpers)* while parked, or when parking.**

All in all, the benefits of preventing dents, dings, chips, and scratches by using the DoorDefender® far outweigh the costs to fix them.

Purchasing any DoorDefender® product is money well spent.


* See the DoorDefender® Product Catalogue.

** See Garage Defender and Valet Defender DoorDefender® models.